Valuation Consulting

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Valuation Consulting

Ai Research specialises in worldwide real estate valuations. The way we prepare our appraisals is subject to a special quality assurance concept. Academically trained business people with many years of experience in the special real estate submarkets prepare expert opinions in accordance with national and international valuation standards.

The first step in a valuation process is to conduct inspections, collect data and documents, check the plausibility of the data, analyse tenant data and tenancy agreements, take into account the results of technical, legal and tax due diligence and obtain comparables. Using this evaluation, the valuation is carried out by an experienced and competent expert for the respective valuation case.

The Ai Research team specialises in the valuation of exclusive and high-quality residential properties, residential and commercial buildings, office properties, retail properties, commercial properties, hotels, shopping centres, logistics properties and building plots as well as large complex portfolios of residential and commercial properties.

We have been valuing real estate worldwide for two decades according to all national and international valuation standards.

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